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The industry

Tecogen Inc

Tecogen Inc
45 First Avenue
Waltham, MA 02451
Website :

Thermo Power Corporation

Thermo Power Corporation
81 Wyman Street
P.O. Box 9046
Waltham, MA 02454-9046

On the Bloomberg website, Thermo Power Corporation is described as follow:
Thermo Power Corporation develops and commercializes traffic-control systems and related products, industrial refrigeration equipment, and commercial cooling and cogeneration systems. It also develops advanced power and pollution-control technologies, and offers propane-powered lighting products as well as lighting products for the automotive, sporting goods, and marine markets.

The company's business is divided into three segments,
the Traffic Control segment develops, manufactures, markets, installs, and services equipment that monitors and regulates vehicular traffic flow in cities and towns around the world;
the Industrial Refrigeration Systems segment develops, manufactures, markets, services, and rents industrial refrigeration and commercial cooling equipment;
the Cooling and Cogeneration Systems segment develops, manufactures, markets, and services natural gas cooling and cogeneration systems, and conducts research and development on applications of thermal energy and pollution control.

The company was incorporated in 1985 and is based in Waltham, Massachusetts. As of October 29, 1999, Thermo Power Corporation operates as a subsidiary of Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.

Thermo Fisher Corporation



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