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Off the grid


We use energy in our everyday life. Energy to drive. Energy to stay warm in the winter. Energy to cool the building in the summer. Energy to power the appliances and the office. Energy to heat the water. Energy to cook and to freeze. Energy to power the industries, warehouses and stores. Energy to power the streets. Energy to power our work and our hobbies. We cannot live without energy.

Though, there are difference sources of energy and different ways to use it, but in a world of efficiency, the best energy is the energy that can provide as much resource as possible for as little cost possible. More energy, with less money. We live in a time of transition first because we only discovered the power of energy a few decades ago, and then because we are still in a time of evolution. During this time, a lot of people come with ideas and solutions but some are good and some are bad. To value the proficiency of a source of energy, we have to see how much it costs, who pays for it, from who it is paid and for which amount of results. We also need to value the impact of the energy on the environment and the impact on the infrastructures.


The true off grid and the fake off grid

Off the grid in New York

Tecogen projects


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