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New section to this blog

The other day, I wanted to increase the traffic on my website. I would like to gather a community around my projects to continue the R&D on forestry and CNG. I made a research and found an article titled: "14 Devious Tactics for Getting More Comments on Your Blog Posts"

1. Get visitors to subscribe : I have set up a subscribe form that opens until you subscribe. It's at the bottom of the page, so please, subscribe.

2. Emphasize email over RSS : I have done that both for and

3. Publish less often : Starting a blog needs some content, but I don't plan to post often anyway.

4. Email your unopens : This I will do when I have subscribers. I have always done that and use eTarget to manage my mailing lists.

5. Ask for links : I created an account on Reddit and I post on the communities most likely interested with my blog.

6. Revive the archives : That I do about once a week.

7. Write with more passion : Well, I try.

8. Assault the norm : Yeah, I created a "female society" section!!!!

9. Tell a tearjerker : I started one post titled "My book of life". I wrote one paragrapher and started to cry. Only the title makes me cry, so no, this is not my personality. It will break me down before anyone gets in tear.

10. Attack a common enemy : You know what, I found a common enemy in the r/firefighters of Reddit and it is.... a female. I will comment later.

11. Give a pep talk : I have started that in the r/forestry sub Reddit. Will continue.

12. Respond to the comments you do get : I am not sure it's a good idea, but some comments definitively need responses especially on Reddit where you find non-working people spending their time behind a phone to click up and down. It's like a jury where the jury don't listen the defense and the accusation. They just judge without reading and without looking the evidences. Some of them sit in Reddit like they would sit in the middle of the street. They don't blog, they don't have opinion, they do nothing, but they found a community there where they can play the Sheik Arab of America. Karma up, karba down, and those people love to cut heads !!!! Best thing of course is to respond, otherwise you loose all your efforts with one jerk doing nothing else than having time to put you down.

13. Ask a question that’s easy to answer : With some sections, it's not easy because they are mostly men and when you ask a man to think two thing together, they start to calm you down. By the way, I will comment about that in the "Female Society" section.

14. Resort to bribery : Yeah, maybe one day, I'll organize a party with my girls !!!!

As you can see, getting traffic is not relaxing. One first day on Reddit and all my clocks are set to alarm. I slept with my boxing gloves and I woke up with blood on my teeth. Now, I am gonna get things straight because I am a little bit tired of everything, men for sure, but also those women who think that wearing men trousers saved the world. I found last night a document that sums up quite everything. It's called "Omitted from History: Women in the Building Trades". I will comment this document in another post because it needs some deep analysis, but what you see in this document is at some points, two kinds of women. The labor and the artisan. I am none of them. I am an architect, but migrating in the US made me an artisan and I always have to deal with women happy to be a laborer. What shows the document is how the difference between the labor and the artisan deeply affects the society and I personally believe that it deeply affects the development of the brain, the cognitivity, the intellect, the comportments, the personality. Yesterday, I have been attacked by a woman on Reddit who named herself Whiskeysourpussycat. If I translate pussycat in French, that would be "trou du cul" and I spent my evening wondering whose man would call himself a "trou du cul". You add a little bit of whiskey on that, and some sour. You have the modern woman firefighter posting on Reddit that I am a racist. You remember the points 7 to 10..... then you get the name of this section, the "female society".

People and friends have been asking for about 24 years that I write "my book", and this pussy cat just gave me the reason why I shall not cry over myself. I have met wonderful women in my life and I have met wonderful men too. I have been successful in my work because of both and those people had the same vision as I did of a better society. I will be 50 this year and I have seen the world changing. I cannot speak anymore of anything actual without referring to the "old time", the way we made the change in the world. I am not gonna let a pussy cat on my way to insult me and take me down because she thinks she is a firefighter. I was polite and I believe that I was legitimate asking questions on Reddit. This document about "Omitted from History: Women in the Building Trades" just complement the reason why I initially posted on the r/firefighters section.

I also posted as an immigrant, somebody who grew up in France and arrived in America with the belief, in the beginning, that everything was going to be easy, that France and America were friends, that we were on the same level of the society and that we had the same vision of a civilization in which I could bring my contribution as a female and an entrepreneur. Nothing went like that. My graduation in architecture has no value in the US, not even as a designer. I cannot register with the AIA. If I want to design anything, I must create outside of the construction market or I must work as an employee which has been the case so far. Authorship is the only way I have to keep my status as an architect because everyday I meet men and women who would like to take me down and turn my brain as an assistant or a labor. Why a French architect cannot work in the US? Why my graduation does not let any other opportunity than being taken down by people who believe that they have more rights than I do. Why I am treated racist when I ask legitimate questions? All those questions needed a section because writing is my therapy in this crazy world.

This document "Omitted from History: Women in the Building Trades" brought many things back to my memory, things I have done by the passed, things I have said by the passed and obviously, things that need to be said again. The young generations take everything for granted while it is not. The path to be a woman with human rights in this world is very hard and very fragile. I cannot let a Whiskeysourpussycat to puke on me, my work, my own history, without me punching back on her nose. Some women just don't deserve the title.

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