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Facebook ad *** updated

I just started a Facebook ad campaign, spent $4.15 so far for 9 clicks in 3 days. The ad is a carousel of pictures with links to my pages on forestry, the Tecodrive, the jewels and a hire me link. All the people who clicked on Saturday were men. All the people who clicked on Sunday were women and I have a majority of clicks from men today. It's obvious that older people are interested to click while younger ones don't. Females from 34 to 65 don't click at all. The cost of each click on Saturday was around $0.22 while it raised to $0.45 today. The ad appears on many pages with very few clickers, but the average cost on Facebook is around $1.5/ click so I am not doing too bad. 

Still, I have not reached my objective yet to get comments on my post. I have twitted today and I have gone big. I twitted POTUS, the White House, Warren Buffet, the House of Representatives from both sides and the Senators from both sides. I am gonna pray now to see if the seeds of hope are growing.

I took some contacts on Facebbok but get blocked after a while. A got blocked on twitter but could unlock my account after a while. I am not sure I want to engage in other forums to get my first comments so I will continue to send my articles where I believe they might get some echo. I have learned from experience that big project do not need big crowds, but just the right amount of interesting people. I hope to hear from the journalists on my Linkedin page, and I have about one thousand US lobbyists on an excel file... still a lot of work to do.

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January 21, 2019 - 10:22

Now, I have an equal number of clicks from men and women, but something I just realized, the percentage of women is higher. My ad appeared on 156 Facebook account belonging to women, and five of them have clicked while the same ad appeared on 299 Facebook account belonging to men and only 5 of them have clicked. The real ratio is 3.20% of women click on the ad against 1.67% of men !!!!

My public are women !!!! Girls, thank you !!!!!

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