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Conversion of the Tecodrive 7000


My resources:
My outdoor equipment during the conversion:
Bus parts:
Mechanic shop (everything except the engine): Western Truck Exchange
My engine mechanic: Nick - (call me for information)
My engine builder: James - (call me for information)
Insurance: State Farm
Towing by night: Day and night towing 
My internet everywhere (mobile wifi, TV, streaming): Impact Wireless

If you buy on my Amazon shop, if you subscribe to Impact Wireless, if you work with James with his Real Estate agency, I make money from those links which is a way for you to support the conversion of the Tecodrive 7000.

With Amazon, you can use any of the search engines and type your own key words. Your purchase on Amazon are confidential, but I receive a percentage on any purchase what helps to pay my websites, my paints and the maintenance of the Tecodrive 7000.

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