This blog compiles all publications related to forestry, energy, affordable housing, women in trades, women in religion and women in society. This blog is filled with humor, sarcasms and reality investigations.

The economy of wood

I have finished the page on the economy of wood that complete the page on the Politics of wood. I have many more to say on those two topics, but you will find in those two pages the foundation of an analysis that explain why a tiny home project emerged and why fire resistant houses are just more than ideas. I hope that people who know nothing about the economy of wood, forestry and sawmills, will find interest going through the numerous links and videos that I provide to better understand and compare what globally the experts have to say on this subject. Forestry is the core of numerous economies and numerous political and military factors that shape our wealth, our health and our security. This is not anything that anybody shall ignore.
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About E.B

Eima BLANK is a designer and a rewarded entrepreneur who started a career as an ethnographer in 1992, was graduated in architecture in 1995 and is now experiencing her passions as a carpenter and a craft woman. She has directed wood construction projects from 2010 to 2015. She is the author of several books and studies about wood construction and the economy of forestry. She has also won several concourses for her innovations on wood and fabric construction. Her drawings entered an army museum for her sarcastic humor, she has a model house in another museum and she is a member of the ADAGP and the ARS for the management of her artist and designer rights. She is also an occasional cartoonist, what she carries on her smile.
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